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Purchasing any kind of home begins with getting the right mortgage. Get help from a local expert that will walk you through the entire home buying process and find you the best home loan solution.

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A lot changes during the time of owning a home and refinancing allows you to adjust to today's needs. Get help from a local expert that will address your needs and find you a new loan program that saves you the most.

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Sometimes you just have questions that need answers with no strings attached. Get free mortgage consulting from a licensed mortgage banker.

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Finding the right lender for your clients can make all the difference in the success of your real estate transaction. Get to the closing table faster with one of the most reputable loan officers in the real estate community.

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Proudly serving the real estate community
Carrie Johnston

Carrie Johnston

Recognized in the community of Lafayette and Indianapolis as a top loan officer, Carrie is proficient in all loan types. Specializing in FHA, Conventional, USDA, VA, 203k rehab loans, she continually sets herself apart with her attention to detail and her commitment to loan approval for her clients. She brings peace of mind to her clients by walking them through the entire home buying process.

Top Broker seal Top LO seal Top 100 seal Top 1% seal
Top Broker seal Top LO seal Top 100 seal Top 1% seal
Top LO seal Top Broker seal Top 100 seal Top 1% seal
Top LO seal Top Broker seal Top 100 seal Top 1% seal
UWM seal UWM seal UWM seal UWM seal

Carrie is also nationally recognized. Out of the 80,000+ loan officers nationwide that use UWM, the nation’s leading wholesale lender, Carrie is ranked #26 the nation for mortgage origination and #1 in the entire state of Indiana.



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